Latinx Association for Science & Health

at Baylor University

The purpose of this organization serves to mold successful Latinx students to go out into the professional health field and impact their community based on the resources that were provided to them through this organization. In addition, LASH strives to increase cultural competence within our organization in hopes of inspiring more diversity and inclusivity in Baylor University; thereby, helping to gear our campus’ goals and resources towards minorities and their journey to becoming well-rounded health professionals.  

LASH offers opportunities for members to volunteer for service opportunities, offers members involvement in research, and social events to maintain the FAMILIA mindset!

Diego Ortiz


Gabriela Garza


Steven Caro


Daniel Melgar


Cristian Pallares

Service Chair

Allison Garza

Public Relations Chair

Alanis Robles

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair

Magdalene Hernandez

Social Chair

Jorge Gomez

Research Chair

Brian Hernandez

Academic Chair

Michelle Serrano

Danielle Rodriguez

Breana Beltran

Jose Castillo

Ashleigh Rey-Cook

Vicente Vanegas

Carlos Alvarado-Richter

Luna Orozco

Maya Islas


La Puerta
"La Puerta means the door and the logo is a key. We believe that every person in the community deserves to be heard and have an opportunity for their needs to be met. We believe that an empowering and loving environment can impact not only their lives, but also the next generations of Spanish speakers in Waco."

Upcoming Events

Interest Meeting #103 Sep 2024To Be Announced
Interest Meeting #204 Sep 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #111 Sep 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #225 Sep 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #309 Oct 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #423 Oct 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #506 Nov 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #620 Nov 2024To Be Announced
General Meeting #704 Dec 2024To Be Announced
Active members have paid their dues ($40/year), and attended the following: 3 general meetings, 3 socials, 10 service points, & 5 miscellaneous points. Miscellaneous points include extra service, special events, mentorship/ research participation, & workshops. 1 Service hour is equal to 1 service point.
Contact our treasurer to set up a payment plan that works for you. We are here to support you and do not want a financial situation to prevent you from receiving all of the opportunities and community we offer. 
Leadership positions are opened for applicants once a year. This includes all officer positions and all committees. President is also opened once a year, but you have to have been an officer for at least one year in order to apply.
We have a live points spreadsheet located in our header.
To make up for general meetings you are unable to attend, you need to notify our secretary of your situation. Then you would need to pick up mentoring in place of general meetings.
  • Waco, Texas, United States
¡Hola familia! Do you love LASH and are you interested in helping us better our organization? Please feel free to donate by scanning this QR code! All donations go directly back to to our organization through scholarships, merchandise, and being able to offer bigger and better opportunities for our members. ¡Gracias!